Community Garden at Wied Blandun

On Friday the 7th December, St. Joseph Mater Boni Consilii School Paola inaugurated the Community Garden at Wied Blandun.  This project was part of the HSBC-ES Climate Initiative in conjunction with EkoSkola.

The EkoSkola committee came up with this idea towards the end of last scholastic year but this was implemented at the beginning of this year 2012-2013.  The idea was immediately accepted by the Paola Local Council and all necessary support was given to create such a space for the school-children.

As its name implies, the aim behind this project is to work hand in hand with the local community – students are going to benefit from this garden since it will be used as a nature trail; also as the place where fieldworks will be conducted in order to minimizing transport-emissions since students will walk to reach site, found only two minutes away from school premises.

Each class was assigned a part where flowers and herbs could be grown to make the environment look nicer and to be used in cooking-lessons.  The locals will benefit from this project since their area will be embellished and being a community garden, they could have an active say and be part in decision-making.

During the opening ceremony, which was enhanced by the school-choir’s singing (directed by Ms.Esposito), the garden was also blessed by Fr. Mangani; Widnet il-Baħar plant and the Għargħar tree, being the national plant and tree respectively were planted by Paola’s Mayor and the EkoSkola Members.  Speeches by the Head of School Mr. Kenneth Vella, Paola’s Mayor Roderick Spiteri and by Nicole Camilleri (EkoSkola treasury) were addressed to the school-children, the teachers, the sisters and the neighbours.

Informing the local community about the idea of the garden and asking for help

Setting up a sign showing where the Community Garden is situated.

The Paola Local council sent workers to help out with the setting up of the garden

Inauguration and blessing of Garden

EkoSkola Committee with HSBC representative Ms. Isabelle Grixti at opening ceremony

Grade 5’s maintaining the garden with a member of the local community