National Operators Meeting 2017 dedicated to SDGs and Tiny Forests

The Learning about Forests National Operators meeting 2017 took place on 24th-26th April in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The LEAF NOM is an annual event where the status and developments of the LEAF programme are discussed alongside innovations in the sector and plans for the future.

The LEAF NOM 2017 was hosted by FEE’s Dutch member, IVN, and was underpinned by two main themes:

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – The role of Foundation for Environmental Education in promoting the SDGs worldwide with specific emphasis on what can be achieved through the LEAF programme.
  • Tiny Forests -The importance of urban forests and trees to battle climate change and stimulate biodiversity.

A concise document linking the LEAF programme to each and every SDG will be circulated soon and will include the insightful feedback which arose over what was an extremely productive few days.


The Tiny Forests initiative was very well received by the participants and there was a firm consensus that the LEAF programme should look towards integrating the concept into its plans for the future.