National Biodiversity Strategy & Action Plan

The importance of biodiversity
We live in a country relatively rich in biodiversity. This diversity of native and endemic species and their habitats constitute Malta’s natural capital. Such diversity is important as it maintains the functioning of a healthy natural environment and also provides us with multiple benefits in the form of life-supporting services, which are essential for our wellbeing and for the productivity of various economic sectors. Biodiversity in fact underpins sustainable development and is important for reaching goals of green growth.
Drivers of biodiversity loss
Although there are various ongoing efforts in support of biodiversity conservation, concern remains over the status of biodiversity and its loss.
Direct drivers of biodiversity loss include:
land degradation, fragmentation and soil erosion;
anthropogenic climate change; and
biological invasions.
Indirect drivers of biodiversity loss are socio-cultural factors which result in the inefficient use of natural resources, such as:
lifestyle; and
consumer choices.
The collaboration and commitment of all relevant stakeholders is hence deemed of essence in order to achieve further progress to effectively conserve Malta’s biodiversity and to use natural resources based on sustainability.
Further information on drivers of biodiversity change can be found in this link.